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Water Conservation and Management

The Alliance for Clean Texas will support efforts to assure adequate funding for the Texas Water Development Board, enhance the proper management of groundwater resources, assure responsible water supply solutions that avoid costly and energy-intensive movement of water, and assure proper water planning that protects environmental flows. We will also support reauthorization of the Economically Distressed Areas Program for low-income areas to invest in needed infrastructure and oppose efforts to cut out citizen and local government participation out of water rights permitting.

  • Funding – Support adequate funding for the Texas Water Development Board to: conduct necessary research on groundwater sources, environmental flows, climate impacts on resource planning, and other critical water issues; provide technical assistance to groundwater districts and water utilities to enhance water management and conservation; and implement the state water conservation education program.
  • Groundwater Management – Enhance the management of groundwater resources on a sustainable basis through recognition of hydrologic connections between groundwater and surface water and ensure that groundwater districts have adequate authority and resources to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Water Planning – Ensure a regional water planning process that facilitates diverse public participation, prioritizes conservation and drought management, and protects environmental flows
  • Responsible Water Supply Solutions – Support innovative water supply options that avoid costly and energy-intensive movement of water around the state, minimize environmental impacts, and emphasize efficiency and equity