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Alliance for a Clean Texas Action Alert, March 17, 2017

Submitted by Sean on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 18:00

Dear Alliance for Clean Texas Friend,

Thank you for your efforts with phone calls and emails this past week. Some of the bills that were on last week’s alert are now moving to floor votes after being voted out of committee. We need your help once again as these bills move forward.

This week’s ACT conference call will be this Sunday, March 19 at 5:30 pm. We will discuss new bills and those moving to the floor for possible House and Senate votes, some as early as Monday.

ACTION 1 – Reject a bad wind energy bill (SB 277) by contacting your local State Senator. SB 277 by Campbell was voted out of Committee last week and may be up for a floor vote on Monday. This bill would restrict the siting of wind farms in Texas around military bases. Siting is already regulated by the Department of Defense and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, so there is no need for additional restrictions. Learn more and email your State Senator now.

ACTION 2 Support a good battery recycling bill to be heard in the House Environmental Regulation Committee on Tuesday. Tell committee members to support HB 1874 by R. Anderson. This bill would create a recycling program for batteries. Get more information and email the committee members.

ACTION 3 – The Railroad Commission Sunset bill HB 1818 has now been voted out of Committee and is moving to the House floor as early as Wednesday or Thursday for a vote. Tell your local House member to improve our oil and gas regulatory agency by supporting amendments for a better bonding system, a better website with searchable information on violations and complaints, and to adopt higher fines to deter violators. Email your House representative now to demand reform.

We need you to help us stay vigilant on these bills as they move through the House and Senate. Access to track your bills of interest at the Texas Legislature. For more information, email



Rita Beving

Alliance for Clean Texas Coordinator