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Friday Action Alert - March 3, 2017

Submitted by Sean on Fri, 03/03/2017 - 13:14

Dear ACT participants,

The legislature is ramping up with bills about to quickly move through their House and Senate Committees.  We need citizens like yourself to once again participate in the coordinated efforts of the Alliance for Clean Texas (ACT) in contacting your legislators regarding good and bad bills moving through the House and Senate. 

Today’s alert regards a critical bill of importance scheduled for a committee hearing in Energy Resources on Monday, March 6 where public testimony will be taken.  HB1818, the Sunset bill regarding the operations of the Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency that oversees the oil and gas industry, will be heard at 2 pm or upon adjournment in E2.010. 

HB 1818 by Gonzales – Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) Sunset Bill

Call or email the members of Energy Resources now and your local House representative and ask them to strengthen HB1818 which is scheduled for Monday’s public hearing.

Tell them that HB 1818 is a weak bill and needs to adopt major provisions that would substantially improve various functions of the agency.

Though we support the bill provision of HB 1818 that provides for the adoption of permit fees for both intrastate and interstate pipelines, the following changes should be made:

  • Enforcement and violation information should be available in a searchable format on the website for public view year round. Though this bill requires an annual plan to review the RRC’s functions on monitoring and enforcement, the public and potential royalty owners looking at leases need information regarding complaints, violations, and enforcement in a timely manner all year round.
  • Penalties and enforcement should be devised to deter offenders from repeat violations. This bill does not address this issue. Maximum fines should be raised from $10,000 to $25,000 per fine per day, in line with penalties at the Attorney General of Texas.
  • Political contributions to the elected RRC Commissioners should be limited to election season. Commissioners should be prevented from taking contributions from parties involved in contested case hearings while these cases are pending before them.
  • Bonding requirements need to be amended and increased to address the large backlog of abandoned wells and future orphaned wells. HB 1818 does not address this problem.
  • The name of the agency should be changed to reflect its function ie. the Texas Energy Commission.

The following members of Energy Resources need to hear from you:

Legislator Dist Phone Fax Email
Drew Darby (R) Chair 72 (512) 463.0331 (512) 463.0517
Charles “Doc” Anderson (R) 56 (512) 463-0135 (512) 463-0642
Greg Bonnen (R) 25 (512) 463-0729 (512) 463-5896
Terry Canales (D) 40 (512) 463-0426 (512) 463-0043
Travis Clardy (R) 11 (512) 463-0592 (512) 463-8792
Tom Craddick (R) 82 (512) 463-0500 (512) 463-7722
R. D. “Bobby” Guerra (D) 41 (512) 463-0578 (512) 463-1482
Jason A. Isaac (R) 45 (512) 463-0647 (512) 463-3573
Phil King (R) 61 (512) 463-0738 (512) 463-1957
Stan Lambert (R) 71 (512) 463-0718 (512) 463-0994
Brooks Landgraf (R) 81 (512) 463-0546 (512) 463-8067
Leighton Schubert (R) 13 (512) 463-0600 (512) 463-5240
Armando L. Walle (D) 140 (512) 463-0924 (512) 463-1510